Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Goddess Archetypes

The Goddess has many faces
She is love
She is a warrior
She is the divine darkness
by knowing the goddess archetypes
we can strenghten & empower those various parts of ourselves that make us whole

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Crystals are our Friends

Crystals are master healers
Cystals are intelligent beings
who can help you to grow, expand, and heal
Learn all about crystals and their wonderful benefits

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The Basics of Meditating

Meditating has many great benefits
It can help you to relax, connect with higher realms,
and know yourself at a deeper level
Learn about meditating today
and begin your daily spiritual practice

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Mythology of the Goddess

Ahh, The Goddess!!!
Do you love the divine feminine?
Do you love reading about her?
Connect with her various myths and legends
from numerous cultures from around the world today

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Feeling Worthy & Deserving of Money & Abundance

Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Abundance, prosperity, and wealth

1. Do I really believe in abundance and prosperity and can I believe there is more than enough?

2. Do I really believe that the universe will provide me the opportunities to experience an abundance of love, happiness, joy, fulfillment, and prosperity?

3. Am I worthy and deserving of receiving abundance and prosperity?

4. Do I believe I can change my situtation now?

If you can not answer "YES" to these questions,
then you need to change your thoughts about abundance and prosperity.

(Questions taken from the book "The Everything Book on The Law of Attraction")

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Following Your Bliss and Doing What You Love for Your Work

You Have A Special Contribution To Make to The World

Everyone is connected to the source.
The source is loving, kind, abundant, caring, and infinite.
It loves all of its creations.
It blesses all of its creations.
Everyone has special talents, gifts, and passions that they are meant to
cultivate, express, and share with the world.
No one else can do the work you are meant to do.
You can start now and discover what that is and nurture your gifts.
You can do what you love for your living and be successful at it.
Your dreams are important.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Honoring Your Divine & Sacred Sexuality

Sexuality aligns your body into a state of healing and opens gateways to the stars. Sexuality in a bonded, loving relationship can be profound and take you into other worlds, revitalize your body, and remind your body of its most idealized patterns.

Sexual expression offers exploration of both the spiritual and physical realms.

(Quote From the book "Earth" , Written by Barbara Marciniak)

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