Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Portrait of a person connected to The Source

A person who is connected to The Source and their inner truth:

- is optimistic and chose to feel good at all times
- focus on what they want, love, and intend to create
- believe in synchronicity and everything having a purpose
- lives is a state of gratitude for everything that occurs in their life
- appreciate the world and everything in it
- feel connected to all people, all of life and the universe
- have an uplifting effect on low vibrational energies & people
- don’t allow their well-being to be dependent on anything external to themselves
- is always in touch with their infinite nature
- is exceptionally generous
- are highly inspired people and have a strong sense of their own destiny
- have levels of energy that are extremely high
- is aware of their need to avoid low energy and low energy people
- know that everything is energy
- is exceptionally kind and loving people
- see the beauty in the world
- is always willing to learn more

For more info on this topic, check out the book “The Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

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