Monday, November 1, 2010

Ways to heal for people of Earth

These are some simple but powerful things you can do to make your life healthier and lighter. Take what feels right to you.

1. Create an altar in your home and work.
2. Develop a daily spiritual practice
(i.e. prayer, meditation, yoga, breath work, etc.).
3. Create a dream book.
4. Create a book of your intentions.
5. Pray for humanity on the daily basis.
6. Get healing work on the monthly basis
(i.e. Reiki, Crystal therapy, massage, etc.).
7. Dedicate your orgasms to what you want in life.
8. Pray for the Earth on the daily basis.
9. Pour a water libation or a blood libation (women's menstrual blood) to the Earth to offer thanks & respect.
10. Read books that make you feel lighter.
11. Read positive affirmations to yourself everyday.
12. Create a vision book of your desires with picture and positive words.
13. Pray for your family, friends, neighbors, and country on the daily basis.
14. Tith money, resources, food, clothing, time or skills on the monthly basis to places you like and need the help.
15. Give yourself a spiritual bath on the monthly basis.
16. Do rituals and ceremonies on the full and new moon to align with nature.
17. Ask the Universe to help you face your shadows and release them in ease and love.
18. Use intentions to create your daily life.
19. Get to know your Christ self, Divine self, and Spirit Guides of Divine Light better by asking them to work with you on the daily basis.
20. Make the intention to love, trust, and heal yourself from a deeper place of being.

Blessed be!!!!!!