Thursday, December 30, 2010

Developing Your Psychic Self

People wish to develop their psychic self for many reasons.

In light, you can develop your psychic self so you can:
- strengthen your connection to your higher and divine self
- be safe
- be aware of divine or inner guidance
- get to where you want to go alot quicker
- manifest what you desire alot sooner
- connect & communicate with other beings in other realms
- receive visions (clairvoyance)
- receive verbal messages (clairaudience)
- receive feelings and emotions (clairsentience)

In shadow, you may develop your psychic self so you can:
- have power over others
- be harmful towards others
- feed your ego or lower self with illusions & negativity

What are some ways to develop the psychic self?
1. do activities that bring more light into your life
2. strengthen your connection with your higher and divine self
3. get lots of healing work on the monthly basis
4. cultivate a daily spiritual practice
5. do altarwork during the full & new moons
6. browse books and cds on the topic of psychic development

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