Friday, November 19, 2010

Tips for Those Who Want to Become Healers

Tips for Those Who Want to Become Healers
(Reiki master, acupuncture, psychic healing, doula, herbalist, craniosacral work, yoga teacher, meditator, etc.)

0. Make a list of all your strengths, skills, passions and talents
1. Learn about the various healing modailties that are available
2. Read various kinds of books on healing & healing methods
3. Get healing work from different kinds of practitoners
4. Attend a variety of classes & workshops that pertain to healing work
5. Be open to learning
6. Read biographies on healers you admire
7. Use clear prayer and intentions in your daily life
8. Do the needed work to connect with your higher & divine self
9. Get clearer about what takes during your dreamtime
10. Cultivate a daily spiritual practice
11. Ask the divine for guidance and direction to what your life's work is
12. Research schools & centers that have programs focused on what you desire to learn

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